About us

TRE EC is set up in 2013 to develop the engineering, environmental and rational energy management market on the basis of SINESIS S.p.A. references
TRE EC people have developed ideas and projects for innovation in strategic sectors such as Industry, Public Administration, Health and the Environment. Some of us deal with university-level teaching and / or sit in institutional technical tables, ensuring the ability to tackle and solve even the most complex issues.

TRE EC works for private clients operating in engineering and construction, in the field of environmental protection, in the real estate sector, for public and private healthcare companies.

In 2015, TRE EC launched a project focused on energy-intensive SMEs, with the aim of increasing their competitiveness on the market in the face of significant and lasting energy savings achieved through high-performance investment projects.

Over the last few years, people in TRE EC have designed works for over 400 million euros and services for over 1 billion euros. TRE EC is undergoing a new ISO 9001: 2015 certification for the main design processes in the architectural, engineering, rational energy management and project validation processes